How to Use Clenbuterol

How to Use Clenbuterol

How to use clenbuterol for the purpose of bodybuilding and what is it? This drug is available in vials (for injections), tablets and syrup, but to slim down, it is common to use it in tablet form. Clenbuterol refers to adrenomimetic, which stimulates beta 2-adrenoceptors, which in turn stimulate the work of the sympathetic nervous system.

The algorithm for losing weight when taking this product is as follows:

  • a slight increase in body temperature;
  • an appetite suppression significantly;
  • an activation of thyroid hormone production – natural fat burners;
  • an increase in noradrenaline release (which further improves fat burning);
  • an increase in lipoprotein lipase activity (preventing fat reformation).
  • under the influence of the transformations set out above, the processes of metabolic change change, and are accelerated by at least 20 to 30%. This drug is also appreciated by bodybuilders, for its ability to suppress subcutaneous fat without affecting muscle tissue (ideal for dry phases). Another advantage: women do not necessarily adhere to rigid diets during the use of this product.

Important! Taking this medicine can not be done without going to fitness: only physical activities cause the burning of fat.

Weight Gain when Clenbuterol is Removed

This does not lead to the return of extra pounds after the end of the cycle, due to the action of lipoprotein lipase. After stopping the drug, the fat burning effect is maintained with a diet, but it slows down considerably. You can buy Clenbuterol on our website.

How to Use Clenbuterol for Bodybuilding?

comment utiliser le clenbuterol pour musculation

It is not recommended to use clenbuterol for bodybuilding: the therapeutic consistency contains too much sugar and a minimal dose of the active ingredient. To reach daily concentrations, you have to drink several vials during the cycle, which is dangerous for the health, because of the negative effect on the pancreas.

In the instructions, the dosage indicated refers only to cases of asthma, but it is not applicable for weight loss. A healthy daily dose is 80 to 100 mg taken for two weeks (standard method). After the cycle, take a break, equal to the duration of the drug.

The dosage nuances of Clenbuterol change according to the day:

  • first day – 20 mg;
  • from the second to the fifth day – increase of the dose of 20 mg each day;
  • for the next 5 days – 100 mg daily;
  • from the 12th day – a reduction of the dose of 20 mg;
  • for days 13 and 14, 80 and 40 mg respectively.

How to Use Clenbuterol to Lose Weight

comment utiliser le clenbuterol

The correct use of this medication for women should apply to anyone who wants to lose weight with Clenbuterol. Doctors note that the best time of the day to take it is in the morning.
Sometimes, those who take Clenbuterol for weight loss are faced with side effects, such as:

  • Tremors.
  • One-fifth of girls experience short-term cramps in the limbs;
  • Nausea and insomnia may develop due to an increased sense of anxiety;
  • Hypertension and heart palpitations. In less than 7% of cases, these “side effects” appear;
  • Diarrhea. Concerns less than 5%.
  • In case of overdose (it is impossible to use more than 100 mg of drugs per day for girls): intestinal disorder, vomiting and nausea are more common.

To reduce the likelihood of negative consequences, Clenbuterol can be combined with Ketotifen. It is enough to add it, from 1 (first 5 days and days 29, 30) to 2 micrograms (from the 6th to the 28th day) per day. This medication can prevent the development of side effects and increase the speed of losing excess pounds. A combination of two types of medications is also needed, if the drug needs to be taken up to 30 days.

Asparks is an alternative to Ketotifen, which prevents cramps in the body from appearing during the cycle. In addition, the tone of the skeletal muscles improves, a pronounced antioxidant effect is observed and a deficiency of potassium and magnesium in the body is thus prevented. When introducing a medicine with aspartic acid into the diet, you should increase the daily fluid intake to 3 liters.